Game & development
Computer games
Computer games are one of the most popular entertainment in the world. New technologies are constantly emerging that allow the development of new progressive games that can be run both on various gadgets (stationary and mobile) and in any web browser.
In today's world, video game creation is one of the largest segments of the global entertainment industry. The scale of the gaming industry has been growing steadily for more than a decade, and the income of game developers has exceeded $ 100 billion a year over the past few years.
In terms of consumer engagement, video games stand out from other forms of entertainment.
Gamedev and game development
Gamedev cannot be considered separately from the computer games industry as a whole. The creation of games itself is only part of a comprehensive approach that ensures the full life cycle of game development.
Specialists of different professions are involved in the development: programmers, game designers, artists, QA specialists, etc.
Our company will be happy to help you with the following issues:
Development of game scenarios
Development and optimization of game architecture
Writing code
Fix bugs
Setting up a game server
Server optimization
Server protection