Blog Main web-design trends in 2021
Main web-design trends in 2021

If you decide to redesign your site, it will be necessary for you to learn about which web design trends will be popular in 2021. Properly selected design ideas will emphasize your intention to be on the crest of the waves and give the pages desired emotional color.
Let’s see the trends that will dominate in web design during 2021.

Immersive 3D elements
are created to attract the attention of users and immerse them in a new reality created by your Website. 3D objects are confidently taking their place in web design, but their widespread use requires site optimization.

Voice interface, played by virtual assistants and chatbots, is the main technological trend of the future. At the moment this technology is widely used by world leaders in IT technology and considering the massive positive feedback from users its popularity constantly grows.

Pop-ups, layers and soft shadows enhance the emotional impression on site visitors, give the site three-dimensionality and emphasize the depth of objects. Depending on the designer’s request this technology can be applied to both text and visual components.

Combination of graphics and photos is one of the options for such a well-known technique as collage. This simple method will make any image unique, thus emphasizing the individuality of the website, as well as existing programs for processing photos ensure its wide availability.

Flexible (scalable) vector graphics is such a tool that is used to create scalable images to fit the web page.
Image quality isn’t lost. The use of vector graphics makes the site adaptive to different devices and improves the quality of visual content.

Dark themes of web pages are already used by many major global brands. In 2021, the classic white color will continue to lose its popularity and an increasing number of sites will use the “dark side of power”. The dark background of the pages has a number of positive properties:

  • increases image contrast;
  • improves the visibility of page elements;
  • reduces eyes strain;
  • saves electricity and increases the useful life of screens.

Demonstration of project data is not only part of the page design, but also an excellent way of communication with the visitor. The presence of informative structures on the site enlivens the project, provides additional information about the company and its activities, increases the time spent by visitors on the page and improves its indexing. To implement this trend, it’s necessary to identify data sources, regularly analyze the dynamics of key indicators, timely update the data when it changes.

The appearance of new trends and technologies encourages developers to change approaches to design and structure of websites, to diversify strategies, to look for new solutions to improve contact with the visitor and dive him deeper into new reality.
The general trend of web design in 2021 will be the adding of new elements, techniques, methods, technologies to the traditional interfaces. The future will be based on the present without forgetting the past. Updated sites will sound with new notes, attracting visitors with fresh colors and modern communication technologies.