Our works
Online service for sale of cars RollingPlanet

Using a website and iOS and Android based mobile applications a user is able to place a listing for selling/buying a car or an another type of vehicles. With the help of a convenient search system a user is able to quickly sort the listings and find a vehicle, that fits their chosen criteria.

Online service for sale/rent of land plots UKR land

UKR land is an online market place that lets a buyer and a seller have a comfortable and safe deal to buy or rent a land plot or an another type of real estate. Based on the wishes of sellers it`s also possible to organize auctions. The service uses a website and mobile applications based on iOS and Android, which lets users work with the service while being in any part of the globe.

Delivery 25 – online food service,ordering and delivering from shops and restaurants.

The service uses a website and applications based on Android and iOS. Delivery 25 is an aggregator that brings together the offers of cafes and shops. Using the capabilities of the app and/or site, the client has the opportunity to choose a restaurant or caffe , choose the food and order it in one klick.

Apps for couriers based on Android and iOS

Allow employees of the courier service to accept orders and get a clear coordination of actions for each accepted order. For the convenience of couriers and fast delivery, the application will automatically build a route to the location where you pick up the order. After issuing of the order by the store / restaurant, the app builds the route from the location to the client.

Online medical consultation service Likari

Is a platform that allows patients to consult with the best doctors independent from patients location. After agreeing on the time of the consultation, the doctor will conduct it using the video service integrated into the Likari platform.

The online taxi ordering

Service includes a dispatch service website and mobile applications based on Android and iOS for taxi drivers. The App allows you to take orders from customers, monitor the location and status of vehicles, build routes for the delivery of passengers to their destination.