Blog UI/UX designer`s role in the creation of an IT product
UI/UX designer`s role in the creation of an IT product

It`s hard to disagree with the fact that UI/UX design is one of the most important components of software development.
So, what is the difference between UI and UX design? UX designer develops a process of a user`s interaction with an interface and an algorithm of them completing the target action. UI designer creates a visually appealing interface and makes interactions with a site as easy and convenient as possible.

UI and UX designs are basically the two sides of the same coin and often the border between them is quite blurry. Because of this the planning and the visualization of an interface are frequently done by the same designer.

UX (user experience) design defines functions of a product, it`s adaptability to various gadgets and users` emotional response. The more understandable is the interface the easier it is for a user to complete the target action and to reach the necessary result. Particularly the research of the behavior of the users is what the development of an interface is based on.

A lot of factors influence user`s experience: structure of a website, graphic elements, animation, fonts, the speed of the interface reaction to user actions.

UX designer first analyzes preferences of the target audience, simulates behavioral algorithms and then tests them out on the target audience. It results in a technical task for a UI designer.

The main functions of a UX designer are:

  • Setting the goals and objectives, defining what do we want and how it should be realized.
  • Picking out the necessary tools to complete the set goals and tasks.
  • Creation of a product that would satisfy client`s requirements and preferences of a target audience.
  • Testing and analysis of the results.

UI (user interface) is a prototype of an interface, developed based on the research of the target audience and user experience that is going to be visualized by a UI designer.

UI designer creates the interface composition, a mutual positioning of the objects on the screen, picks out a color scheme, checks readability of the fonts, ensures that the menu is working correctly.

Other tasks of a UI designer are concept development of website pages according to client`s requirements, control of page content, ensuring the adaptability of the product to work on different platforms.

A good quality UI/UX design should fulfill the following requirements:

  • All website pages have the same style and have the same easily-recognizable functional elements.
  • Interface elements use the same behavioral algorithms on all the pages.
  • The interface is easy to understand, structure of the site helps users to complete the target action.
  • The interface has a high responsiveness to user action.
  • Feedback notifications are easy to understand.
  • The visual part of the interface is well-designed and creates a good emotional response.
  • The interface holds visitor`s attention and effectively guides them towards the target action.