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How to keep a visitor on a website and turn them into a client

Quite a lot of websites on different stages of their development face the following problem: advertising events generate a fairly high amount of leads, but their conversion into deals with following sales is rather low.

While being on a website, visitors usually spend a small amounts of time on it, often they don`t register or sign up for advertising materials, so they aren`t close to completing the target action at all.

It`s natural that the owner and administration of a site question why does it happen and how to improve work efficiency?
There may be lots of reasons, the most common ones are bad design, overly complicated registration process, requests for unnecessary personal information, annoying advertisements and the lack of contact information.

If in your opinion there`s nothing to improve and the conversion of traffic to clients is still not that great, online tools, that are going to keep a visitor on a site and help them complete the target action, should be used.
Let`s go through some of them:

A call back is one of the most simple but efficient ways to create direct contact with a potential client. A visitor leaves their phone number on a site, and then all that`s left to do is for a sales-manager to contact them and answer all of their questions.
This tool is going to fit any company that sells products and/or services. Many buyers really appreciate getting their questions answered by a real consultant. Choice of the best decision during a dialogue like this greatly increases possibility of a deal.
It`s really important to call back a customer at an appointed time, the lack of punctuality will cause a loss of a lead.

A video consultation may become an efficient tool on educational websites, by giving a possibility to contact a teacher or a consultant before the start of a course. Video calls are used more often on telemedicine sites to help patient communicate with their doctors easier.
A real video tour might help a real-estate agent to convince a client to personally visit a property.
Popularity of video calls is on the rise thanks to the development of the quality and availability of means of communication.

Online chats are so common now days that they already are a basic tool on merchant sites and Internet service sites. It is a quick and convenient way to swiftly answer visitors` questions and keep them on a site. An advantage of this tool is a written form of providing information that lets users to get back to answers on their previous questions.
However, there are some nuances in the application of this tool.
Consultation offers shouldn`t be too obtrusive, chat windows shouldn`t cover up most of the screen and operators should quickly react to questions or, if they`re too busy, let a visitor know the waiting time for their answer.
If chat operators don`t work 24 hours a day, client, who asked a question should be informed about the waiting time and other possible ways of communication to get their answers, such as over phone or e-mail.

Online surveys make users interact with a site, help to find out the opinion of the target audience on various topical issues, give an opportunity to collect the needed information for a following analysis. Offerings of bonuses, promo codes and extra discounts for completing poles will help to increase activity of participants.
A visitor that took part in a survey, completed registration and received discounts for the products or services on a site most likely is going to become your client in the future.

There isn`t a definite answer to which one of the mentioned tools is going to give you a necessary result. In every case one should try new things, experiment, look for their own styles and methods of communication with their target audience. Keeping visitors interested in the site is a creative process. Creative thinking and active promotion of your ideas will surely make your web site successful.