Blog The main page of the site – what should it contain and what is better to avoid
The main page of the site – what should it contain and what is better to avoid

The face of any site, its show-window, is the main page. This is exactly what meets a potential buyer, gives him an initial emotional message, attracts attention and provides basic information about the site content.
What qualities should the home page have to fulfill perfectly the functions assigned to it? Let’s consider the most important of them:

1. Information content
The visitor should literally get answers to the following questions from the first seconds:

  • What is the specialization of the site?
  • How can the site interest the visitor?
  • Is it worth trusting the information presented here?
  • Why is this site’s offers and content better than others?
  • What further steps are needed to get what you want?

The completeness and availability of this information gives the visitor the opportunity to evaluate the site’s offers and the profitability of working conditions. An interested visitor is likely to stay on the site and become your customer.

2. Target orientation
Communication with potential customers must be conducted in a language they understand, taking into account special features of the supposed target audience. For example, a website that publishes financial analytics must use professional vocabulary, have a clear structure and a strict design. At the same time, an entertainment portal will be successful with catchy designs and texts that contain humor and colloquial expressions.

3. Functionality and convenience
Correct layout of information and links makes the main page user-friendly for the visitor, makes it easy to find the necessary information and place an order.

4. Visual appeal
The design of the main page should evoke emotional contact with the visitor and correspond to his aesthetic ideas. This is possible only with a clear understanding of the preferences of the site’s target audience.

It’s impossible to give a definite answer to the question of how to make the perfect home page of the Website. Nevertheless, following certain requirements, you can significantly improve both page traffic and its effectiveness:

  • easy and intuitive navigation will allow the visitor to find quickly the necessary information;
  • promotional offers of the company should be noticeable and contain an easy switching to checkout;
  • graphic content should contain real photographs of the objects, goods, services provided by the company;
  • texts contain only necessary and relevant to the visitor information and should be competently structured;
  • the ability to register a purchase, order, etc. have to be implemented directly through the Website main page by clicking the hot button.

When designing the Website main page, following effects and elements should be avoided:

  • loud music and harsh extraneous sounds;
  • annoying banner ads, pop-ups, etc.;
  • mandatory pre-registration requirements;
  • grammatical and other errors and typos in the texts;
  • small and overly artsy fonts;
  • long loading of graphic content;
  • additional elements that aren’t related to the main purpose of the site, especially those made in animation techniques.

The home page content has to be updated regularly. The relevance of the data posted on it, the compliance of the appearance with modern design trends, a high level of usability are just some of the factors that directly affect the site relevance, and, as a result, the efficiency of its work.