Blog What is merchandize and why a business needs it?
What is merchandize and why a business needs it?

Merchandize (often shortened to «merch») – is that a type of product that has certain symbols of a brand or a company on it.

High-quality merchandize attracts attention of potential clients, creates an image for a company, makes a brand more recognizable. Every item that has company`s symbols on it makes a client associate it with a brand and becomes a part of client`s self-expression.

The history of merch begins in the 1960s. During that time rock bands started giving out and then selling their fans t-shirts with images of band logos and album covers printed on them. Other musicians and members of various youth subcultures ended up quickly following their example. Soon merch became a powerful informational carrier, which clearly showed the belonging to movements or subcultures.

In the present day anything can be a piece of merch, but it still should interest the target audience. Merch in its original meaning is still very popular and relevant. The most demanded pieces of merchandize are:

  • hats;
  • t-shirts;
  • hoodies and sweatshirts;
  • cups;
  • pens and stationery;
  • copybooks and notebooks;
  • key chains.

Modern merchandize invents new forms and turns into a full-fledged system of communication of a brand and its target audience. Nowadays shoes, socks, scarves, blankets, dishes, flasks, bottles, lighters and umbrellas became other fairly popular merchandize items. Production of new merchandize based on public demands became almost immediate. People are getting rid of plastic bags – branded reusable tote bags are made, Coronavirus pandemic strikes – branded masks are crated.

Merch mechanism works the same with both brands and rock bands. If a brand starts forming audience merch can help its followers express their affiliation to a brand and identify each other. People purchase merch to become a part of their favorite brand and share its philosophy with others.
Other criteria of good merch are how useful an item is and how recognizable is a design. Stylish and well-designed merch becomes a real fashionable accessory and its everyday use is a great reminder of the presence of a brand in customer`s life.

Merch might bring a brand a good extra income. Quality items with modern design are always in demand and placing a brand logo on them will only boost the sales.

Merchandize is often successfully sold as souvenirs during different corporate events, especially if it`s a limited release or is only sold during a particular event.

Merchandise is a great way to shape company`s image. Collaborations of famous brands and designers basically turn merch into a kind of modern art, it makes people interested in a brand, creates a cultural product of the new generation.

Modern merch – is a powerful new movement, based on timeless classics. Find a way to client`s heart and they will become a part of your brand`s philosophy. Creativity of designers always pushes the idea of merchandize forward and new societal demands give brands more new challenges.