Software Testing Stages

An inseparable part of the life cycle of any software is its testing. The need for testing arises when any changes are made to the source code of the program. Timely detection of errors made by developers significantly saves money and time required to create a software product. All stages of testing are equally important, during each of them the compliance of the achieved result with the terms of reference must be confirmed. At the same time, each next stage of testing can be started only after the successful completion of the previous one.

In total, there are 7 stages of testing.

How to keep a visitor on a website and turn them into a client

Quite a lot of websites on different stages of their development face the following problem: advertising events generate a fairly high amount of leads, but their conversion into deals with following sales is rather low.

While being on a website, visitors usually spend a small amounts of time on it, often they don`t register or sign up for advertising materials, so they aren`t close to completing the target action at all.

UI/UX designer`s role in the creation of an IT product

It`s hard to disagree with the fact that UI/UX design is one of the most important components of software development.
So, what is the difference between UI and UX design? UX designer develops a process of a user`s interaction with an interface and an algorithm of them completing the target action. UI designer creates a visually appealing interface and makes interactions with a site as easy and convenient as possible.

What is merchandize and why a business needs it?

Merchandize (often shortened to «merch») – is that a type of product that has certain symbols of a brand or a company on it.
High-quality merchandize attracts attention of potential clients, creates an image for a company, makes a brand more recognizable. Every item that has company`s symbols on it makes a client associate it with a brand and becomes a part of client`s self-expression.

Typical website creation mistakes and how to avoid them

Quite often a website developer goes along with the wishes of a client, who wants to lower the production cost, while ignoring certain important components and thus lowering the quality of an end product. In other cases, elements, that just shouldn`t be there are placed on a website. As the result, a client gets an inexpensive, but ineffective website, visitors of which quickly leave it and never come back.

Header and Footer – striving for perfection

Carefully designing and perfecting all the elements of website`s design is greatly important for attracting attention of its visitors. The parts, from which a user starts and finishes getting to know a website, are Header and Footer. Thanks to them the page not only looks finished, they also make the conversion better and level up website`s usability.

The main page of the site – what should it contain and what is better to avoid

The face of any site, its show-window, is the main page. This is exactly what meets a potential buyer, gives him an initial emotional message, attracts attention and provides basic information about the site content.

The main stages of website creation: where to start and how to finish?

Any creative process during its implementation goes through several stages and has to be planned carefully. Website development also includes a number of mandatory stages, the quality of which directly affects the success of the entire project. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

Main web-design trends in 2021

If you decide to redesign your site, it will be necessary for you to learn about which web design trends will be popular in 2021. Properly selected design ideas will emphasize your intention to be on the crest of the waves and give the pages desired emotional color.
Let’s see the trends that will dominate in web design during 2021.

5 reasons to redesign your website

It’s obvious that we live in a fast-paced world. The Internet, as a global phenomenon that has a tremendous impact on the lives of billions of people, is no exception. Designers create new images, developers improve the functionality of sites, copywriters polish texts.